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Our history

Our company has been present on the Italian and European market for over half a century. Back in the fifties in the fruit and vegetable market of Milan (the largest in Italy and one of the largest in Europe) two companies started their activity and in a short time they would become leaders in the wholesale trade in the fruit and vegetable sector.

In 1990 the two companies, in the light of the new and growing demands of the national and international market, joined forces to create Longa & Cugini s.r.l.

L&C Oggi

Longa & Cugini today

Our operational structure employs highly specialized personnel, able to provide a high quality service to customers throughout the marketing process of our products.
The ISO 9001 certification, guarantees the quality of service from purchase to delivery.

Longa & Cugini has structured, over the years, its commercial network. Through a widespread network of collaborations and structures we are able to provide, in a short time, an efficient response to our customers.

Research, collaborations and results made possible only thanks to passion, dedication and continuity of three generations. A legacy of work carried on with dedication and pride.